"Desolation Doorknob Hangers" for sale
8 different statements printed on cardstock
Each hanger is 4.25" x 11"
I feel so lost I tried to forget
I didn't ask for this I need time to think
I can't trust you I want what we had
I don't understand you I don't know what to do
Put the message out there for others to see
Or make your own art installation to photograph

Click "Buy Now" to purchase

$25 - 1 set -includes shipping in USA

$47 - 2 sets sent to same address

$30 - 1 set includes shipping outside USA

Shipping will be via the US Postal Service. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Deliveries to Virginia will include 5% state sales tax


After you get your doorknob hangers, you can become part of an online gallery by putting them up and taking some photographs.
Images should be no larger
than 1024 kb or 21"x14" at 72 dpi
or 1512 px X 1008 px


On the gallery site, you can also tell us what happened when you put up your doorknob hangers. Did you do it just for fun? Were you trying to get a message to someone? Did you get a reaction? From who?

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